Momochi Ninjas, an NFT collection on the Elrond network. Together, with our team, we want to accomplish making a community in the Elrond NFT world of gamers that will be able to earn money and other rewards by playing games


The Story

The Story MOMOCHI NINJA STORY Part 1: “We must fight! We must defend our country! How could it have come this far?” A month earlier (2 pm, Japan 2022): Momochi Sandayu is a 19 year old boy. His life is far from ordinary. He travels all over the world as a professional esports video game contender. He was living the absolute dream. But, this would all very much change soon enough… It was a normal day like any other. He slept in, and started playing his usual games in the afternoon. Suddenly his computer shuts down seemingly out of the blue. He had no idea what caused this. He disconnects all the cables and quickly travels to the store where he always takes his computer for repairs. When he arrived, to his disappointment there was a sign in the window. “Closed”. He immediately grabbed his phone to look for a new store. He found one not far from where he was about ten minutes away.

When he finally arrives with his computer in hand, he puts it down on the counter and dings a bell for help. An old man with a long beard came from the back. Hunched over, walking with a cane that almost resembled a staff, he gave the impression of what you’d expect a wizard to look. He opened Momochi’s computer, and immediately saw that the issue was caused by the graphics card. His, rather expensive, rtx 3060 was broken! How , he thought, he hadn't had it for very long and it was already broken somehow. The old man told him he could install a new one soon, but didn't have that particular one left in stock. The best we have in stock is the gtx 960, he said. Momochi thought that would never suffice for his needs. He looked around the store and saw an old wooden box, slightly off to the side as to almost be out of sight. It had a lock on it with the words “magic” inscribed on it. What's in it, he quickly asked the man. The old man grabs a key from inside his jacket pocket. Slowly opens the box. Inside is a very strange looking graphics card that glowed. The old man explained that this was a creation of his own. No one pays it any mind as it’s not a major brand you’d see advertised. Momochi, never the one to turn down the latest thing, enthusiastically says, “how much for it?!?” The old man takes a good look at the boy. Almost through him. No. Into him. Into his soul. The piercing look sent a shiver down his spine. Finally, the old man responds. Just one statement that confused Momochi. “For the chosen, this card comes at no cost…” After a few seconds of silence, Momochi smiles. “You must know I’m an esports gamer who could promote your work, right?” The old man gives no response. He locks the box again and extends it to Momochi. “This belongs to you”, he says…

When he got home he put the computer back in place, adjusted the cables and starts up his computer. There didn't seem to be any issues. He booted up his discord to make a call to his team. They needed to practice for a tournament approaching. A new ninja game just released. He played for a few hours straight without issue. Then, abruptly, his computer started whining. It glowed all over. This graphic card is junk, he thought. The glow became so intense it engulfed the entire room. Momochi looked down at his hand. It was breaking down into particles that were being sucked into his computer. He ran for the door as fast he could but the pull was too strong. His entire being disappeared into the computer screen. Entire darkness… “Wake up! Wake up!” Momochi's eyes slowly opened. Standing above him was a girl he’s never seen before. No ordinary girl, though. She looked like she came straight out of an anime series. “… what? What happened?!? Where the hell am I…”

About Momochi

Our project will be mostly focus on gaming, which is where the utility comes into play. By owning a Momochi Ninja, you can participate in gaming tournaments between holders in games chosen by the owners. Also it gives you "Chakra" tokens for holding. You can play games to earn points that will give you rewards in LKMEX.


I was born in the Netherlands ’84 and i live in Utrecht and am a Co-founder of Momochi Ninjas. With my history of gaming, I use to play professionally, I came up with the idea of making this project about a community that can earn rewards for people playing without being experts. The goal here is simple; create a community / Elrond project based on playing games. A lot of you might not have seen me but most of the time I’m busy in the background keeping the “ball” rolling and moving forward with Momochi Ninjas.


I'm from the Netherlands and the co-founder of Momochi Ninjas. Mainly focus on art and community games. My dream is to create a community that plays their favorite games together or against one another to earn money. I believe that with the power of the ninjas we can pull that off.


COO/Communications Manager. Live in the United States, but I hate it here and plan to move. Just a simple guy who likes connecting with people. As you probably know, I like to joke around and keep things light. But, put a task in front of me and it will get done one way or another. 


Dev of the project. Landed in crypto by a fortunate mistake that I won't regret, staying for long term. Used to be a dev at work but I am also focused on business side nowadays. Learning by doing, mistakes are necessary to go above and beyond. Always trying to add value. Keep innovating if you want to succeed! 


I’m on the main artist of Momochi Ninjas. I’ve been doing art since elementary got inspired by everyone’s favorite dragon ball z. Drawing has always been 2nd nature to me since then. I got into crypto trading and was told about Art for Crypto called NFT by a friend of mine. I couldn’t believe that this has happened in my life time. While in another community I got to show off and help a person with there art, next thing you know I’m here helping make this amazing Momochi Ninjas project. I still have a long way as an artist but am very excited for this opportunity. 


Moderator of Momochi Ninjas. Born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Germany. I am playing video games since I was a kid and love Animes. I discovered the amazing Elrond-Blockchain and its NFTs in December 2021 and become a real fan of it. Now I got the opportunity to support and grow the great Momochi-Ninja community, who also likes playing Video games and Animes. I’ m looking forward to what great things come up in future in this awesome community. Let’s fight!


My name is Mihai Albu, since'95 born in Romania live in Italy. I'm passionate about videogames and Manga since I was a child, my fav are Bioshock and Jojo. I joined Momochi Ninjas as a MOD thanks to some of these fellows who invited me and I am proud to be part of it and help create one of the most fantastic communities where we can have fun together playing games and talking about our passions.


One of the moderator, I'm here to help the community. I'm French and I'm a medicine student. I would like to save life in real life and also in the metaverse ! Gamer since my young age, I'm here to defeat all enemy ninjas. Come fight with us !


Moderator of the project. I am active on Elrond for over a year now. Interested in Crypto, DeFi, Web3, NFTs and more. In my daily life I am a Data Scientist in sports. I have experience in moderating in different Elrond NFT projects. As a moderator I create trust and comfort. I am very excited about the future of Momochi and happy to be a part of it. @crypcato

Our Roadmap

2022 CHAPTER 1

波 Get Twitter online
波 Launch the Discord
波 Present the team
波 Have a vote about the games
波 Show the list of games
波 Testing the smart contract
波 Testing battle of the ninjas with XEGLD

2022 CHAPTER 2

波 Testing games

波 Releasing battle of the ninjas

波 Making more discord games

波 Play to earn games list

波 Poll for best game times

波 Edit art after test mint if needed

波 Rules for the games to earn points

波 What is "Chakra" token?

2022 CHAPTER 3

波 Announce Momochi coin utility

波 Announce benefits for GEN1 ninjas

波 Mint 400 Momochi coins

波 Mint 1111 Momochi ninjas

波 Release play to earn

波 Start the tournament and battle for prizes

波 Bring up idea for the GEN2 ninjas

2022 CHAPTER 4

波 Battle of the projects

波 Contact companies for sponsor

波 Get a laddersystem for competitions

波 Expant marketing

波 integrate metaverse project games

波 Bringing Elrond community close together though games



Momochi ninjas coin utility:

波 The Bronze coin will give you a 7.5 percent extra rewards.

波 The silver coin will give you 10 percent extra rewards.

波 The golden coin will give you 15 percent extra rewards.

波 The coins also give extra rewards when prizes are won by playing tournaments or games / challenges where you win EGLD or LKMEX.

波 The coins stack with each other until a max of 25 percent extra rewards.

波 The Bronze coin also gives you 1 free entry into a tournament when it is needed to pay entry money (only some competitive games when people would like that, max entry for coin to use is 0.2 EGLD).

波 The Silver coin also gives you 2 free entries into a tournament when it is needed to pay entry money (only some competitive games when people would like that, max entry for coin to use is 0.2 EGLD).

波 The Golden coin also gives you 3 free entries into a tournament when it is needed to pay entry money (only some competitive games when people would like that, max entry for coin to use is 0.2 EGLD).


The GEN!1 Momochi Ninjas will be a collection of 1111 NFTs. The future will bring 3333 more ninjas to the fight!